Tips and Tricks

  • MDD terminal command does all the paging (MD entries) automatically.

  • A double-click on the history host command in the context window automatically sends the command to the host.

  • A sequence of entries can be typed directly into the terminal window. Each command has to be separated by the “|” character.

  • Highlighted shortcuts are immediately sent to the host, others need to be transmitted by the Enter key.

  • An empty line is not sent to the host by pressing the Enter key.

  • The layout of all opened windows within the GalileoTerminal workspace is stored when you log off.

  • An unlimited number of terminal windows can be opened.

  • The data from Sales report can be printed out even if there is no linkage or Galileo Print Manager available. GalileoTerminal will compile a printer output for you (please see the Account preferences paragraph above for details).

  • The data from Sales report can be stored in a file using the FILE-SR command in the terminal window. The format of the stored file shall be selected in Account preferences – Settings – Report format list box (please see the Account preferences paragraph above for details).

The syntax of the command is:


  • where:

  • PCC – is the PCC of the branch

  • DDMMM-DDMMM – is the date period (32 days in the past when any ticket was issued is the maximum) OR you can enter MMM1 for the first half of the month or MMM2 for the second half of given month (e.g. FILE-SR/MAY2/EK)

  • CU – is the currency parameter

  • XXX – is the currency 3-letter code

    • The shortcut combination CTRL+W clears the content of the active terminal window and CTRL+S clears the content of all opened terminal windows.

    • The +J entry returns a Client ID mapped to the actual GalileoTerminal account and displays it in the terminal window.

    • The shortcut that automatically sends the host Signon and password can look like this: SON/ZKG|PASSWORD?WINTER1

  • YY – is the airline 2-letter code

SEAT command entered in terminal window opens the graphical user interface for easier seat assignment

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