DOCx assistant

GalileoTerminal will help you any time you have to insert the secure flight passenger data, passport, visa or place of stay information into the SSR DOCS, DOCO, DOCA element.

If you type and transmit the DOCX command in your terminal window, a simple menu is displayed:

You can choose with the TAB key what information you’re going to insert to the PNR and transmit.

Another form is displayed with some fields pre-filled based on the information in the PNR.

Example of DOCS form:

Example of DOCSP form:

Example of DOCA form:

Example of DOCO form:

The agent adds the missing data and transmits the entire form. GalileoTerminal compiles the command and inserts an appropriate SSR into the reservation.

Remark: Please use IATA city and country codes while filling in forms.

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