Appendix 1

The list of key combinations and relevant actions that are supported by the active terminal window:
  • Ctrl+c - Copy the text to clipboard.
  • Ctrl+v - Paste from clipboard.
  • Alt+PageDown - Append SOM.
  • Ctrl+Up - Previous history command.
  • Ctrl+Down - Next history command.
  • Ctrl+w - Clear the active terminal window.
Note: Ctrl+w command is a default browser command for tab closure. However there are some options still. In Chrome you can create a Shortcut for GalileoTerminal website. When you click on this Shortcut GalileoTerminal would run in dedicated window where default browser Ctrl+w command is suppressed. Here is how to create Shortcut in Chrome:
  • Ctrl+s - Clear all terminal windows.
  • Ctrl+3 - Move to (activate) the terminal window 3.
  • Up, Down - Move cursor one row up or down.
  • Left, Right - Move cursor one character left or right.
  • Home - Move to the previous SOM.
  • End - Move to the last non-space character in the current row.
  • PageUp - Scroll one page up.
  • PageDown - Scroll one page down.
  • Tab - Move cursor to the next tab stop.
  • Enter - Send the command (everything from the current cursor position back to the nearest SOM).
  • Backspace - Delete the previous character.
  • Delete - Delete the character at the cursor.
  • Insert - Toggle insert / overwrite mode.
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