How to start

Just open your internet browser and type on the address line. Enter the GalileoTerminal username and password.

If you don’t have a GT account yet, you can create an account using the create account link displayed in the login form. Alternatively, you can ask your Travelport representative (our dealer) for an assistance.

The default layout of GalileoTerminal windows will appear. You can open/close any window by clicking on the desired icon at the panel on the left side and arrange all windows within GalileoTerminal workspace as it suits you the best. There are several predefined layouts to optimize your work space. Look for this icon

at the panel on the left.

Then, you just sign-on to the Galileo™ or Apollo™ system in the same way as in Focalpoint™ and use the same type of entries as you do normally when working with the Galileo™ GDS or Apollo™ GDS.

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